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Bee Tee Junior and Lee Horner negotiate the EasyFix fences during the 2020 Austrailian Grand National Steeplechase. Read the article

Racing, schooling, EasyFix has a fence to meet your needs. Click here to watch EasyFix's "Live to Jump" video to get your heart moving! The customized EasyFix USA Fence have arrived! First step, schooling sessions. Read the article from the NSA. 



Read what well known jump trainers have to say about the EasyFix racing and schooling fences:

"I use EASYFIX Hurdles, Double Sided Schooling Hurdles and Steeplechase Fences since I started training.  All of my horses are schooled over them with great results. They are an excellent investment.”  

Gordon Elliott, Trainer, Ireland


“I use EASYFIX Hurdles and Fences to school all my horses on a regular bases, they are safe, very durable and give horses great confidence.”   Willie Mullins, Trainer, Ireland


"I’ve use EASYFIX Hurdles and Fences for all of my schooling. They are safe, give horses great confidence and are maintenance free."  David Pipe, Trainer, England

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