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The EASYFIX Starter Fence is an introductory single or double sided fence used to introduce young horses to jumping and designed with safety in mind.It is also ideal for the progression of more experienced horses to larger fences.

The double-sided fence features a robust profile to encourage horses to make a better shape and can be jumped from two sides. In stock here in the USA.


  • Modular 1.2m/ 4ft interlocking sections.

  • High impact cushioning toe board.

  • Apron is supported by high impact cushioning foam.

  • Constructed from artificial weatherproof components.

  • 3-D moulded birch.

  • Shatterproof plastic base.

  • Integrated handles for easy relocation.

  • Moulded anchor points at the base


  • Designed for jumping from both sides.

  • Safe - Protects horses from injury.

  • Modular –interlocking modular sections allow the width to be easily adjusted.

  • Easy to install and maintenance free.

  • Mobile –Designed for easy relocation on fresh ground.

  • Durable –constructed from artificial components which are strong and long lasting.


  • Width: 47 in

  • Depth: 59 in

  • Height: 41 in

  • Weight: 194 lb

  • 5-year warranty with life span projected to 20 years


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