Schooling chase fence


EASYFIX Fences are designed for racing or schooling horses by trainers and in schooling grounds. Widely used by all the top trainers in Ireland, England, Australia, Norway, Sweden and France, these fences are built tough and designed to encourage proper jumping.


  • Modular 1.2m/ 4ft interlocking sections.

  • Constructed from artificial weatherproof components.

  • 3-D moulded birch.

  • Shatterproof plastic base.

  • Integrated handles for easy relocation.

  • Moulded anchor points at the base.

  • Integrated forklift ports.




  • Safe - Protects horses from injury. 3-D birch prevents splinter cuts and injuries.

  • Easy to install and maintenance free.

  • Mobile –Designed for easy relocation to fresh ground.

  • Durable –constructed from artificial components which are strong, weatherproof and long lasting.

  • Modular –interlocking modular sections allow the width to be easily adjusted.


  • Width: 48 in

  • Depth: 65 in

  • Height: 50 in

  • Weight: 205 lb



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