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The SafTfence "Modified" National Fence in action

Steeplechase Fencing
SafTfence Birch
SafTfence Plastic Birch

Sequence photos credit Jamey Price

Fence Characteristics

  • The National Fence is a hybrid hurdle and fence

  • Std. racing height of 53” - can be designed to be as tall as 60” or as small as 42”

  • Plastic birch made of durable UV resistant space-age plastic

  • Birch maintains its consistency, memory and color

  • Frames and rolls/aprons fit most tractor trailers for transport - 48 foot trailer holds 30 jump frames, rolls and tarps. Longer length trailer would accommodate steeplechase wings

  • Rolls or aprons made of polyfoam proven safe and durable over decades of use

  • Rolls/aprons have an optional but durable 10” nylon turf ground line stitched onto tarp - std. color: white or orange

  • Looks and jumps like a proper steeplechase fence

  • USA Patent Pending design of plastic birch

  • 100% of the fence components are proudly made in the USA

The Modified Fence Advantage

  • Supporting frame height lower than std. National Fence - SafTfence plastic birch makes up the difference in height 

  • Low Maintenance - most components of system made of durable plastic branch, the steel frame made of steel and polymer foam which shields the steel frame

  • Protects horse, thereby the rider, from potential injury due to bottoming out into frame

  • Threaded bolts interlock between the sections and stabilizer feet stabilizes the flight and allows any width needed

  • Five Year Warranty on most components including plastic birch and steel frame

Video Credit: Jamey Price