EASYFIX Stable Deluxe rubber flooring system provides a hygienic and seamless stable flooring solution for horses.

The insulated stable flooring system creates a warm, safe and comfortable environment for horses.


  • Made from natural rubber

  • Mats are bonded to create a fully sealed, hygienic and non-porous floor.

  • Mats will not warp, expand or tear.


  • Prevents injury –the rubber flooring system prevents cuts, grazes and capped hocks normally associated with concrete floors.

  • Hygienic –Mats are bonded to create a fully sealed hygienic and non-porous floor.

  • Cost Saving –reduce bedding costs.

  • Secure - Mats are permanently sealed to the floor and will not lift or move.

  • Excellent Grip –provides an excellent grip under foot when lying down, getting up or rolling over.

  • The soft rubber provides thermal insulation and an anti-fatigue surface


  • Width: 71 in

  • Length: 47

  • Depth: 0.6 in

  • Weight: 88 lb

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