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Versa interlocking rubber stall mat

EASYFIX Versa is a high quality versatile interlocking mat designed for easy DIY installation in stalls, stables, wash bays and walkways. Each mat tile is double-sided with two distinct surfaces; one side has a hammer top finish, ideal for installation in stalls while the reverse side has a penny grip finish which is ideal for wash bays, stables and outside walkways.

The EasyFix interlocking mat creates a near seamless finish, offering a safe, complete and "put together" flooring solution. Each mat is constructed from the highest quality, rubber compounds. Unlike other mats, VERSA is formed from 100% natural rubber, not recycled rubber, which means no metal by-products or fumes from Tire-Derived Flooring Chemical Emissions.


  • High quality versatile mat

  • Unique hammer top finish on one side and

       penny grip on the reverse side for dual uses

  • Interlocking on all four sides

  • 100% natural rubber compound

  • Approximate coverage area​
    • 9 Mats 10' x 10'

    • 12 Mats 10' x 12'

    • 15 mats 12' x 12'.

  • Easy DIY installation

  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Suitable for stalls, stables, washbay, trailers, tack rooms and walkways

  • Mucking and clean-up is fast and easy

  • Creates  a near seamless finish - will not move, warp or expand

  • One mat does triple duty; stall, wash stall, in the stable or around the farm

  • Unlike 4x6 stall mats which are bulky and cumbersome, VERSA mats are easy to handle and lock-in place and if needed, portable

  • Stall mats provide fatigue relief


  • Tile size metric : 1 meter x 1 meter 

  • Tile size Imperial:

    • 39.37" x 39.37"

    • Sq. ft. per tile: 10.76 

    • Depth: 0.6 inches

    • Weight per mat: 36 lbs

  • Easy to install.

  • Check out the VERSA mat installation video by clicking here

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