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Made from a special blend of virgin copolymer plastic, SafTfence brand plastic birch branch is tough, very durable and flexible yet able to hold it’s memory, going back to its original position when brushed through. It will not break or create dangerous shards when bent or crushed. The birch comes in highly UV resistant black, although special color requests can be accommodated, such as green or brown.


The sprig has a total length of 24” or 29 inches tall with a 3/4” inch

long standard half inch thread. The spread of the twig can be conformed

to 8.5 inches (21.58cm) or narrower during the manufacturing cycle,

depending on customer specifications and firmness needs of branch.

The SafTfence brandbirch branch can be made stiffer using different

blends of copolymer should a request be made to conform to a tighter

 firmness of the hedge. The SafTfence branch has been installed in dozens

of cross country fences during the fence construction process or as a retrofit.

A A one year unconditional warranty is provided on a SafTfence manufactured birch and is proudly designed and made in the USA. International Distributors wanted.


SafTfence Plastic Birch
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